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Michelle (she/her)

Michelle completed her teaching degree (subjects german and philosophy) at the University of Cologne and is now doing her Masters in Intercultural Communication and Education. She has been actively involved since January 2022 and has been the main organizer of the BIPoC department since May 2022. She takes care of daily businesses and is connected to the student parliament and the other autonomous departments. She is the contact person for inquiries and cooperation, heads the department library ad the regular plenum. She is also involved in several working groups, including the anti-discrimination working group and the events working group.

Michelle is part of the first BIPoC publishing company in Germany and also gives workshops for young people at schools on the subject of anti-racism.

Sammy on Michelle: From serious conversations to laughing out loud, Michelle is a person I always enjoy spending time with. No matter how, what, why, I can always approach her and that’s what I appreciate most about her.

Ulascan (he/him)
Sammy (he/him)

Sammy has been an active part of the BIPoC department since February 2021 He started in the anti-discrimination office, for which he is currently taking over the main organization. He has been a part of the organizational team since July 2022 and organizes the regular get-together, takes care of the website and social media posts, while being involved in various working groups of the department.
Sammy is currently studying to become a teacher in social sciences and Spanish while also working part-time in the specialty coffee industry as a barista and trainer.

Michelle on Sammy: Sammy keeps the department together. Without him, our important anti-discrimination working group would have collapsed long ago. Sammy always brings calmness to the most chaotic dynamics and he always meets you with love and the greatest empathy.

Vanessa (she/her)