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Anti-discrimination office


The Anti-Discrimination Office is a student-run, self-organized documentation and reporting office for all cases of discrimination related to racism at the University of Cologne. 

Our goal is to show the university that racist discrimination also exists at the University of Cologne. This racist discrimination can show itself in different ways. For example, direct racist discrimination against a person or group of people or indirectly through the use of racist teaching content in courses. In order to point this out and make it visible, we need the support of all students.  

It is important to mention that the respective contact persons are BIPoC students and cannot offer psychological support. Students seeking support in this area should contact Jessie Mmari, from our Racism-critical consultation.

To report a case, email us at or use the reporting form below. Please include your self-positioning (e.g. Black, Indigenous, Person of Color, white, and more). Please also indicate if you are/were affected by the discrimination yourself or if it is an indirect incident, e.g. discrimination occurred in a course but you were not affected by it yourself. 

Mail contact

If you would like to contact us, please feel free to send us an email. Please indicate your faculty in the subject of your mail, so that we can quickly assign your message. You can reach us at this e-mail address:

To report a case, you are also welcome to fill out the following report form:


Please pay attention to our data privacy statement.

Reporting form

Report a racist incident

The fields marked with * are mandatory. We collect this data anonymously and statistically, for this we need your consent. The e-mail address is used so that we can provide feedback. The e-mail address will not be passed on to third parties or used for advertising purposes.

On our website we use the function "Powermail" of TYPO3 to provide forms for easy contact/ data collection for our visitors*. The data entered voluntarily in these forms is usually transferred by e-mail to our ticket system OTRS, where it is further processed by the relevant people. In no case will the data be passed on to third parties without prior explicit consent. The form data is also temporarily stored in the database of our content management system in case of a malfunction of the mail system (and/or OTRS) and for a possibly necessary collected download and then deleted.

Furthermore, the Privacy Protection Statement of the University of Cologne applies without restriction.