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Rassismuskritsche Beratung

Die rassismuskritische Beratung ist ein Kooperationsprojekt des Autonomen BIPoC Referates und des Referats für Gender & Diversity Managements. Das Angebot steht ausschließlich Studierenden der Universität Köln zur Verfügung, die sich als Black Indigenous People of Color positionieren bzw. Rassismuserfahrungen machen.

Alle Mitarbeitenden der Universität zu Köln können gerne die Rassismuskritische Beratung für Mitarbeiter*innen durch Dr.' des. Rahab Njeri in Anspruch nehmen.

Anti-racism consultation

The anti-racism consultation hour is a joint project of the Autonomous BIPoC Department and the Department Gender & Diversity Management. The offer is exclusively available to students of the University of Cologne who position themselves as Black Indigenous People of Color.


As part of the ant-racism counseling at the University of Cologne, you have the opportunity to talk to a Bi_PoC therapist about your experiences of discrimination in the university context. Confidentiality is fundamental for the work of the therapist. This means no sharing of names or information without student consent.

The counseling session provides space for:

  • Conversations about stresses and reactions triggered by discrimination at the university

  • Talking about the impact of the pandemic on students who have experienced racism

  • Naming fears and concerns, especially related to experiences of discrimination

  • Reflecting on and discussing one's own emotions and mental state

  • Empowerment

  • Development of strategies for action

If you would like to initiate a corresponding informal or formal complaint procedure, this can be prepared together in the counseling or, in exceptional cases, accompanied.
In order to take advantage of this offer, it is not necessary for a concrete discriminatory event to have occurred.
You can contact the therapist at the following e-mail address to make an appointment:



About Jessie

I'm Jessie Mmari [she| no pronoun] and I've been living in Cologne for a few years now.
For me, life in the big city means, among other things, un_visibility and bergamot ice cream with glass noodles. Deceleration works best for me in nature or with a good book.
My approach and work as a systemic therapist, DBT trainer and social pedagogue are influenced by my many years of psychosocial counseling and support for marginalized people as well as by my personal positioning as a Bi_PoC and woman in Germany.

Fun Fact: Series with more than three seasons stress me out.

Insta: jessie_mmari
FB: Jessie Mmari